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Harris Mizrahi

Inside Out, 2015/16

Sometimes he stayed on the road for a few days, sometimes for a week. Other times he traveled hundreds of miles only to go back home the same day. “When photographing strangers, there is an inherent suspicion shared on both sides of the camera. As a photographer I am soliciting my subjects’ vulnerability, and in return I must openly cede my own.”

Harris Mizrahi’s (*1992) work concentrates on vulnerability and portraiture. Working on “Inside Out” was an excuse to escape – to do battle with a deep depression and the seductive mania of his bipolar disorder.
Although the images may be created with honest intention, they are not factual nor are they intended to be. They walk a line between fantasy and reality, never quite falling to either side of that line. The end result is a story of places and people that do not truly exist outside of these photographs.

Harris Mizrahi at the ME:WE FOTODOKS Festival 2017