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Dawin Meckel

Instead of a Western European gaze on the 'African misery', Dawin Meckel shows a country between poverty and hope.

Malawi in Transition

As part of a project of the Goethe Institute in Malawi Dawin Meckel photographed in the two largest cities of the south-east African country. With its strong population growth, AIDS-related illnesses and a high illiteracy rate Malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. Nevertheless, the government is investing around 25% of government funding in education and various initiatives and projects strive for social and economic changes. Many young people have a positive outlook in the future. Instead of a Western European, compassion awakening gaze on the 'African misery', Meckel shows a country between poverty and hope. He juxtaposes the cliché-ridden images with shots of a completely different daily life.