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Looking forward, looking back: Fotodoks 2015

2017 will be another Fotodoks year! Sweeten your waiting time by having a look at the Fotodoks film with highlights from last year's festival.

Fotodoks 2015, Munich © Klaas Dierks
Fotodoks 2015, Munich © Klaas Dierks

The preparations for the Fotodoks festival in October 2017 are in full swing. Our next partner region and theme will be announced shortly. Without revealing too much yet: Fotodoks will keep moving! The documentary by Irene Graef and her team shows how eventful Fotodoks 2015 was and captures the big and small Fotodoks moments in front of and behind the scenes:

Fotodoks-Film 2015, directed by: Irene Graef, camera: Steffen Düvel, music: Tom Simonetti, cut: Friederike Hohmuth

With the theme PAST IS NOW, Fotodoks invited the partner region of former Yugoslavia in 2015. Numerous lectures and talks, workshops and complementary exhibitions at the Marienhof, the Lothringer13 Halle and the IFOG Academy illuminated the interplay of past, present and future. In addition, the first Tirol audience prize was awarded and, after the presentation at the Munich City Museum, the Fotodoks exhibition went on its first tour.

PAST IS NOW has been on the road in the countries of former Yugoslavia for more than a year. With support from the Goethe-Institut, the 18 works were shown in Sarajevo, Zenica, Trebinje, Cetinje, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Belgrade and came together in a different form and selection at each location. We are grateful for the valuable experience, positive feedback and numerous press reports. We are looking forward to the two remaining exhibitions in Priština and Skopje in early 2017 — and obviously the upcoming edition of the Fotodoks festival in October.