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Workshop Der Greif

Creating new contexts with the artistic directors of the magazine Der Greif


During Fotodoks the artistic directors of the magazine Der Greif, Leon Kirchlechner and Simon Karlstetter, are giving a workshop for photography students, artists and professional photographers. They will teach aspects of the artistic photographic approach of Der Greif and try out different possibilities of using photographs in the digital age. Working basis will be a photographic archive, comprised of the works of all participants. In groups single images will be selected and edited and new contexts and combinations from various original contexts will emerge. Aim of the workshop is to enable the participants to take a new look on their own work, encourage exchange and examine new approaches in the artistic use of photographic works.

Leon Kirchlechner and Simon Karlstetter

The results of the workshops will be presented in the form of small zines to the festival audience on October 18th.

  • When: 10. and 11. October, 10am-6pm
  • Where: RROOM der Lothringer13 Halle, Lothringerstr. 13, 81667 Munich
  • How: Please send a portfolio with extracts from 2 to 3 works (low-res PDF, max. 15 images, also work-in-progress possible) and short CV to takepart@dergreif-online.de. Application deadline: 5. October, Feedback about participation until 7. October Participant limit: 14
  • Costs: 150€