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Dr. Rebekka Reinhard: "Power and Truth: Small Philosophical Instructions for Use."

Dr. Rebekka Reinhard (philosopher, Munich) talks about "Power and Truth: Small Philosophical Instructions for Use."

Lothringer13 Halle

Power is everywhere. It works according to context, according to social structure. Power phenomena are politically, militarily, psychologically, erotically or economically significant. Wherever there is power, powerlessness is not far away. In order to assert their power, the powerful have all means at their disposal: violence, lies, ideology. "Power and truth never meet," wrote the philosopher and mafia 'traitor' Roberto Saviano. This lecture illuminates the tense relationship between power and truth from a philosophical point of view - and shows how images and words must interact so that negative "power over" can give way to positive "power to".

**Dr. Rebekka Reinhard** Is a philosopher, deputy editor-in-chief of the philosophy magazine HOHE LUFT and a (inter)national speaker.