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Thomas Galler: Palm Trees, Sunsets, Turmoil

Thomas Galler presents his latest and quite impressive book.

Lothringer13 Halle

We admit, we are members of the Thomas Galler Fanclub… Fotodoks artist 2012 with Bright Star, and 2015 twice part of the Lothringer13 exhibitions On Remote Control 1+2 he still surprises us. Thomas joins the sunday program to discuss his latest book, and its an impressive one: Palm Trees, Sunsets, Turmoil comprises almost 1,000 pages of photographs collected from various online platforms. They show idyllic settings featuring beaches, palm trees and shimmering seas. But these images don’t stem from dream holiday destinations, but from the military occupation of Iraq (2003–2011) and the war in Afghanistan (from 2001). Taken by soldiers of the occupying armies, reporters and Iraqi and Afghani collaborators, they were published online via private social media accounts. Thomas Galler’s series must be viewed with suspicion, no matter how private or innocent they may appear: the political turmoil doesn’t just provide the background (noise) to Galler’s Palm Trees and Sunsets, it forms the necessary condition for any critical consideration of photographic images.