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DOK.fest meets Fotodoks: Stop the Pounding Heart

Within the framework of the traditional cooperation between Fotodoks and the documentary film festival DOK.fest this year the award-winning Coming-Of-Age-Film *Stop the Pounding Heart* will be shown.

Lothringer13 Halle

USA, Belgium, Italy 2013, Roberto Minervini, 100 Min.

Sara is a teenager like everyone else, but her future is already drawn: like all the girls of the strictly believing Texas community, she is to fulfill the traditional role of housewife and mother. Little by little Sara begins to fight against the pressure of her surroundings. In an unobserved moment, she meets the amateur rodeor Colby – a meeting that plunges the believing young woman into a crisis. The Italian director Roberto Minervini draws a modern American custom painting with a light hand. *Anne Thomé*