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Annie Flanagan: We Grew Up With Gum in Our Hair

Photographer Annie Flanagan in conversation with author and curator Konstantin Lannert about her work on domestic and gender-based violence.

Lothringer13 Halle

In her work Annie Flanagan focuses on topics that relate to her on a personal level and that speak for a greater context, as well. We Grew Up With Gum In Our Hair is part of a larger body of work called Deafening Sound that deals with the correlation between domestic violence and post-traumatic stress disorder. The project started when her best friend, Hannah, left her abusive boyfriend and is a multilayered approach, combining photographs, journal entries and letters.

Konstantin Lannert, a good acquaintance of Lothringer13, has curated nutritious exhibitions such as Frucht & Faulheit or BierMachtM√ľnchen and wrote about Stefanie's work for the Fotodoks catalog, among others.